Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Winterbiking article in the Globe and Mail

Finally, some interesting Canadian press on the subject of winterbiking.

This short article is written by the paper's CityDesk journalist and mainly focuses on the perceptions other people have, as well as the unique experience that the activity presents.

Some intersting excerpts include:

A recent survey showed that just 10 per cent of Toronto cyclists ride through the winter. Even among "utilitarian" cyclists - dedicated types who use their bikes for practical stuff like getting to work and going shopping - the figure rises to only 15 per cent.


It's liberating at any time of year to avoid the restrictions of driving or public transit and set out on your own, a free agent of the street. In winter, with the sharp, fresh air on your face, it's exhilarating. You begin and end your day with a little adventure.

You may remember our own little piece on winterbiking - Join the Winter Biking Militia - that comes to similar conclusions.

The best line from the article comes when Gee describes his winter biking ensemble - "I look like a safety-conscious ninja assassin"

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