Monday, May 7, 2012

Today's find. The bike racks at work are filling up as spring rolls in. And while I lament losing the choice parking spot that my bike enjoyed over winter, I am happy to see the racks filling up with neat whips. 

Here's today's find:

Turns out the Premier Cycle Co. Is an interesting operation.  They began producing 'safety bicycles'' to replace the Penny Farthing in the UK.

Premier closed down in the 1930s but their brand lived on.  A Japanese manufacturer began producing bikes under the Premier name - and used their label and face-plate until recently. The Japanese company was called Maruishi and if you keep an eye out you just might see one.

I'll try and post more soon.  Maybe even some pictures of this regal steed.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

New Restoration Project

I love a good find. The last bike I restored was Frankenbike. I put it together for my bikeless brother Ryan. I'll post on the Frankenbike later.

Onto this new steed. I found it while on my morning walk with Bobby.  It was perched along a line of refuse and I assume was meant for blue box recycling.

But I couldn't Walk by without giving it some consideration.  No, I couldn't allow it to find its way to the scrapyard.

The details: It's a yellow Bayfield bike from the Hudson Bay company. Probably 1970s. The bike's been made into a fixie.  It's clearly been through adventures as it's covered by 'The Grime of Life'.  It's got a nice little Quando flip flop hub on the back. It is missing a front rim and tire and will need brakes and an overhaul.

I think its name might be Lester!  Only with time, and some TLC, can we bring this beast back.

More to come.