Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Where are Ottawa's Bike Lanes?

The news today indicates that Toronto is extending its bike lanes. The new plan will include University Ave., one of the busiest streets in Toronto.

Great news. I used to rollerblade down University back in the day and I can see how important a bike lane will be to that part of the city. And while I am happy for T-dot, I'm kind of a little jealous.

When was the last time Ottawa announced a bike lane? Or any bike related good news story? Every morning I bike east on a four lane road. The lanes are seperated by a median. How hard would it be to 'skinny up' that median and throw a bike lane on both east and westbound lanes?

Probably more work than city council wants to entertain.

Generally I'd say that Ottawa is a great city to bike in. But, our main arteries are less than bike friendly.

This may be the beginning of my "Strongly Worded Letter" series.

More to come.

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