Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What's Your Take on E-Bikes Using City Pathways?

Tonight and tommorow night, the City of Ottawa will  be holding consultations on proposed rules for e-bikes.

Currently e-bikes are allowed on all paths and bike lanes.

These bikes come in two categories:
1) Pedal Assisted bicycles.
2) Electric Scooters.

Personally, believe electric scooters, capable of 32kph, are not suitable for bike paths.  these vehicles are too heavy and too fast for the paths where (the max speed limit is posted at 20kph).  Plus, if I couldn't use them for my moped, why should a scooter be allowed to?

Pedal assited bicycles are certainly welcome on the paths. These bikes offer more sedentary people the option of biking, with a little help.  and sometimes people just need a little help to get rolling.

Now, I do think that the electric scooters should be allowed in bike lanes.  these electric vehicles are too slow for the road and need a place to roll.  so, take the bike lane, just respect other bikers and be safe.

If you'd like to have your say, here's the link to the city's consultations.  Let them know how you feel about the issue in person or via email.


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