Saturday, May 5, 2012

New Restoration Project

I love a good find. The last bike I restored was Frankenbike. I put it together for my bikeless brother Ryan. I'll post on the Frankenbike later.

Onto this new steed. I found it while on my morning walk with Bobby.  It was perched along a line of refuse and I assume was meant for blue box recycling.

But I couldn't Walk by without giving it some consideration.  No, I couldn't allow it to find its way to the scrapyard.

The details: It's a yellow Bayfield bike from the Hudson Bay company. Probably 1970s. The bike's been made into a fixie.  It's clearly been through adventures as it's covered by 'The Grime of Life'.  It's got a nice little Quando flip flop hub on the back. It is missing a front rim and tire and will need brakes and an overhaul.

I think its name might be Lester!  Only with time, and some TLC, can we bring this beast back.

More to come.

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