Friday, September 28, 2012

I finally found a bike trailer!

After months, and I mean months, of searching, I finally bought a bike trailer for the baby.

I'd been looking for a few key things:
  • A lightweight safety inspired design;
  • 20 inch wheels;
  • Ample space for one two kids; 
  • 5 point harnesses;
  • Weather shield;
  • Bug screen;
  • Fold-ability (yeah, it's a word); and
  • A good price.
The Chariots and MEC trailers were fine, but didn't offer much to justify the heavy, heavy, heavy prices.  Between $360 and $500 for a trailer and stroller kits.

Wike trailers offered a great alternative, and was made in Ontario, but didn't have a good stroller kit to go with it.

The Canadian Tire trailers were cheaper, topping out around $250, but CCM isn't exactly a brand I'd get behind (or let my baby get behind).

So, with the price a big consideration, I started looking online for used trailers.  Typically people buy them thinking they'll use them all the time, and then the trailer lives in the garage for a few years just collecting dust. 

After a number of failed attempts to buy Chariots and MEC strollers online (and I should note that online sales/sellers seem to be lacking civility and manners these days) I finally found the one.  It hit all the key points on my list of criteria.

 It's an InStep trailer.  Probably about 7 years old.  No rust, no rips, no structural issues.

And it was only $75.

It works great as a stroller, and the wee one gets a great view while in it!

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