Friday, January 22, 2010

A Robot and A Music Review

I made this robot a long time ago in MS Paint. It's the only 'design' program on my computer and I am too lazy to download anything. It has no arms. Ta da.

Mini Music Review

Noah and the Whale
Album: The First Days of Spring
Released: August 31, 2009

This is the first album I have heard from Noah and the Whale. But apparently, it is their second undertaking. I have yet to listen to the first. I think I lack the courage.

The album makes me want to lock myself in a rented room. Once there, I’d drink until I almost pass out.

I’d put on The First Days of Spring.

I’d put it on repeat.

Then, I’d just lay there. Let the music wash over me. Listen to the words.

I’d first relish the sadness. I’d weep during “Our Window” and “I Have Nothing”. I’d be able to relate to the pain. “My Broken Heart” would carry me deeper.

Then, at some point, maybe the 20th spin – or the 40th spin, the instrumental tracks will play. They’ll sandwich the song “Love of the Orchestra” – and I’ll pick my head up, shake out the cobwebs, and amble over to my hotplate to boil water for coffee. My eyes will sting. My head will hurt. My heart will still be bleeding. But, as the songs roll on, I’ll start to feel better. I’ll start to listen.

The quicker cadence of “Stranger” will energize my broken body a little. Maybe I’ll open the curtains to see what time of day it is.

The coffee will be ready.

I’ll maybe sit down and slowly drink it. No sugar or cream.

“Blue Skies” plays. I take a good look outside now. It’s gray. But there’s promise in those clouds. “Slow Glass” gets me out of my worn and shabby chair.

By the time “My Door is Always Open” plays, I miss the last half of it. I’ve dressed, and left – slamming the door behind me. I’ve decided to start over. I’ve decided to get better – to get happy.

Get Noah and the Whale’s First Days of Spring here

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