Monday, January 31, 2011

A short list of questionable ideas.

#1.  Zip Tie winter tires.

I give full points for innovation.  But I deduct points for everything else. 

Honestly, I like the DIY attitude, but I don't really understand why these are better than an 11 dollar Kenda knobby from Canadian Tire.

Why not just spend the 20 minutes it takes to switch out your slicks for grips?  Lastly, I really think these puppies are wasteful and largely unnecessary.  I say wasteful, because as they fall off, and as they fall, they just add to the ever increasing plastic waste that builds up.  

All that said.  I still love you lifehacker.  And when the apocalypse comes, and I have no access to knobby tires but complete access to 200 zip ties, I'll thank the person who submitted this idea.


#2.  The Horsey Silhouette. 

Ok, I know that this looks like someone put just drew the horse outline in microsoft paint, but it's a real thing!  Someone decided that riding your bike wasn't fun enough.  And to inject more fun, a horse silhouette was imperative!

And so, we have this gem.  I don't think I have to say much about this accessory.  I guess it makes a bold statement.  And hey, if you are having fun ... why not.  You just probably won't see me riding off into the sunset on this guy.

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