Thursday, December 30, 2010

Winterbiking in the Toronto Star

Some great exposure over at the Toronto Star for Winter biking.  I love the graphic personally.  It’s a bit of delicious overkill.

Check it out.

All you need to know about winter biking in the GTA

First thing first.  I was in Toronto this weekend and they have absolutely no snow.  None.  It looks like cold fall day from ‘Sagua to the ‘Shwa.

So, studded tires are definitely not needed right now in T-dot.

There are some good nuggets in this article. I like their:
  • Tips for breaking (i.e. cleaning rims regularly and doubling your breaking distance).  Rim brakes are prone to slipping profusely in slushy conditions.  
  • Suggestion that a cleaning regimen be followed.  I just gave Lieberman his first bath this winter and I should have done it two or three times already.
  • Advice regarding regular weather checks (I do it every morning while I walk the dog.  A process that gives me better weather info than any smartphone app!).
Things I’d add:
  • Have a brush handy to brush off snow and road grit after your ride.  I usually do it when I get to my destination, then again when I get home.  Helps to decrease the number of times you’ll have to bring the bike into the house for cleaning.
  • Keep enough change for the bus, in case you break down.
  • I also like to keep a small container of antifreeze on me.  For those times that ice builds up on the sprockets, or derailleur.
  • Keep your ass in the saddle as much as possible.  That will reduce back tire slippage and keeps you balanced and ready to ‘pontoon’ when you have to.

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