Monday, December 6, 2010

The Herd is Thinning

Well, it's been a mild winter so far here in Ottawa.  And for a lot of people, having no snow meant that the bike season was extended.

But last night, we got our first blanket of snow. Nice and fluffy, easy to shovel, but slippery to ride through.

And although my cycling census data collection techniques are still very rudimentary I'd say it's rendered biking impossible for half of the remaining bikers. Note:  my current census methodology includes observing my street, keeping track of riders

Which is nice, because now I get my spot on the rack regardless of what time I roll in.  Check out that cherry spot.  Right at the front of the rack, and ready for an escape.

Those of you that are particularly astute - and given a readership of zero, there won't be many - will notice that Lieberman is a) still kicking and b) wearing a slick on the front rim.  It's not a new system I am trying out, in fact I find a slick up front to be troublesome and dangerous.  Rather, it's evidence of my ongoing laziness.  But have heart, I have that rim off and drying out in the laundry room sink as I type.  Should have a nice knobby up front for tomorrow's ride.


Another quick point.  They need to make longer boots.  My gaiters just don't do it on these slushy days.

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